Taylor Ware, PhD

CV Ware 8-29-2017

Postdoctoral Researchers



Jimin Maeng, PhD

Jimin received his BS from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, and MS from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, both in Electrical Engineering. He then came to the United States and obtained his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, in 2014. From 2014 to 2015, he was with the Center for Implantable Devices at Purdue University as a postdoctoral researcher. Jimin then moved to the University of Texas at Dallas to continue his postdoctoral research. From 2016 to 2018, he worked at the Advanced Polymer Research Lab and the Neural Interfaces Lab. Jimin joined the Ware Research Group in May 2018. His research interests include bioelectronics, neural interfaces, implantable/wearable devices, energy storage devices, and smart materials.


Xili Lu, PhD

Xili obtained his BS in Light Chemistry Engineering, and MS in Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, both from Sichuan University. He received his degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Polymer Materials Science and Engineering from Sichuan University under the supervision of Prof. Hesheng Xia in December 2017. During 2014~2017, he joined Prof. Yue Zhao’s group to work as a co-supervised Ph.D. student in Department of Chemistry, University of Sherbrooke and then received his degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry there in 2018. Xili joined the Ware research group in August 2018. His current research interests are focused on smart hydrogels, self-healing/shape memory polymers and biomimetic liquid crystalline polymer actuators/soft robots.

Graduate Students 


Jenny Boothby – Bioengineering PhD Student

Jenny Boothby started her PhD in Bioengineering in Fall 2015. She received her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Biology from Georgia Tech in December 2014. During her undergrad and post-undergrad, she worked at Medshape on the design, manufacturing, and biocompatibility of shape-memory orthopedic devices. Her current research focuses on engineering biologically-responsive polymers, such as liquid crystalline hydrogels. After graduation, she hopes to work on low-cost, point-of-care diagnostic devices.

Hyun Kim

Hyun Kim – Bioengineering PhD Student

Hyun joined the Ware Group in the Fall of 2015 as a PhD student of Bioengineering. He received his BS in Biological Engineering and MS in Chemical Engineering from Inha University of South Korea. After his BS, he worked at SK Chemicals Corporation as a engineer in the field of pharmaceutical materials. His MS research was focused on stretchable conducting materials with polymeric composites. His current research interests lie in the area of aligned heterogeneous liquid crystalline polymeric nano and micro composites.


Cedric Ambulo – Bioengineering PhD Student

Cedric is a Bioengineering PhD student at UT Dallas, who hails from Cedar Hill, Texas. He completed his undergraduate work from Austin College in Sherman with a major in Physics and minor in Mathematics. Cedric joined the lab in the Fall of 2016 to pursue research in the Bioengineering field, specifically biomaterials and their applications.


Laura K. Rivera Tarazona – Bioengineering PhD student

Laura joined the Ware group in the Fall of 2017 as a Bioengineering PhD student. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia in 2016. Her current research project focuses on engineering living materials for biomedical applications.


Mustafa Abdelrahman – Bioengineering PhD student

Mustafa was born and raised in Jackson, MS and graduated from Tougaloo College with a degree in physics and a minor in mathematics in 2016. After college, Mustafa worked for Crestron Electronics as a verification engineer. Currently, he is pursuing my Ph.D. in Bioengineering. Mustafa’s research interests include engineering biomaterials for implantable devices and developing stretchable electronics.


Julia Henricks – Bioengineering PhD Student

Julia joined Ware group in Fall 2016 as an undergraduate researcher and did research in 3D Printing of stimuli-responsive liquid crystalline elastomers. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering in May 2018 and started as a PhD student in Fall 2018. Her research focuses on engineering biomaterials for low-temperature actuators and the mechanical characterization of tissue.


Suitu Wang – Bioengineering PhD Student

Suitu joined the Ware Group in the Fall of 2018 as a PhD student of Bioengineering. He received his BS in Polymer Science and Engineering from Sichuan University, China in 2018. His current research interests focus on synthesizing self-assembled chromonic liquid crystal polymers and exploring their biomedical applications.


Mahjabeen Javed – Bioengineering PhD Student

Mahjabeen graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas with a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics in May 2018. She joined the Ware group in Fall 2018. Her research interest currently focuses on exploring and using biomaterials for implantable electronics.

We also have a number of undergraduate researchers from a variety of majors at UTD.

In order from top left to bottom right. Rohit De – Biology, Revanth Vedula – Biomedical Engineering, Vyom Raval – Neuroscience, Jeremy Samuel -Biomedical Engineering, Hareem Moeen -Biomedical Engineering, Pravin Patel – Biomedical Engineering, Delia Appiah Mensah – Biomedical Engineering.

Lab Alumni:

Dr. Ruvini Kularatne – Former postdoc. Current Employer: Texas Instruments

Dr. Mohand Saed – Former postdoc. Current Employer: University of Cambridge – Prof. Eugene Terentjev

Matthew Trisnadi – Graduated with his MS in Bioengineering in 2018.



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